Dave and 525 moved to Valley Soaring at Randall Airport in Middletown, NY in 2004 while I moved to Seattle. There are a number of 1-26's at Middletown, so he's in good company.
Below is Valley Soaring's latest rebuild - Hank Nixon and his Skunkworks assembled this E model from two donor wrecks. Very nice job and another 1-26 rises from the ashes!
23 June 2002 - Dave Piotrowski wagging his rudder while Jennifer prepares to run his wing. 
Below Dave is describing how he will fly past the Nimbus, pull up and leave me choking and tumbling in his wake turbulence. You can see the excellent soaring conditions of the day in the background. A Nimbob photo.  
525 rolls. Watch out for that gravel pit on the left.
Dave Maintains 525 on an even keel while George tries to get at least one wheel off the ground on this hot and humid day.

27 April 2003

Below - A happy Dave Piotrowski next to his mount, holding his map of the 54 mile route on a clear blue day. He had clouds in the beginning, then it went totally blue over Matamoras.

turning base to final at Blairstown.
a nice crowd of glider pilots waiting in line for a tow watch as Dave lines up on final.