Schweizer 1-26E serial #525 built 1972 ~760 Hours
 Excellent Trailer, MicroAir Radio
 Mountain High/EDS Oxygen System, 

Ilec SC-7 Electical Vario

 Winter Mechanical Vario
Two Batteries
Too many extra's to list..

Asking $12,500
 Located in Durango, CO
 Dave Piotrowski (970) 764-4351


Carbon fiber tailcone above - carbon fiber seat back below.
Excellent trailer with spare tire and excellent storage box.
Below - the carbon-fiber battery box installation.
Above - new pee system, carbon fiber battery box, seat back, tip cap, tail cone fairing. Blue stripe re-painted and the trailer's wheels get spiffier with a new coat of paint on the rims. This glider is ready for the 2005 season.
Storage bag for land-out kit shown above.
Above - Jim Phoenix's first flight in 525 at Candlelight Farms airport in Sherman, CT. - Home of the Nutmeg Soaring Association that I joined after moving to Ridgefield.
Dave Piotrowski (seen in the photo below) bought 525 in November 2000 . Above photo - we weighed 525 in March 2002 after doing some work on the interior and recovering the ailerons. Scroll on down the page to see a continued update on all the nice upgrades and mods Dave is doing to 525.
Dave is never satisfied with the glider and is always upgrading something. Here 525 is at Wurtsboro in 2001 undergoing another one of Dave's mods. 686 in the background.
Above, 525 is tied out at Wurtsboro.
Above, Dave tackles some wiring.
New seat cushion, stick grip, seatbelts, storage bag, etc. There's no end of things to upgrade, change and renew in a 1-26.
Above - Dave buys a new bead blaster and gets ready to install it in his glider overhaul facility.
525's main wheel is rusty, so Dave's going to remove it , clean it up and re-paint it. He's also installing a new tube.
Ready to come apart.
The bead blaster does a nice job cleaning up 525's wheel halves.
Above - the parts are ready for epoxy primer.
Above - after primer, the parts are sanded.
Above and below - Dave does a beautiful job of spraying on the Aerothane polyurethane paint.
That's a nice looking wheel!
Above and below - the spoiler control handle and knob gets painted.
Above and below - 525 gets a new aluminum skid and stainless skid plate.
Below - the TE tube is old, so Dave decided to upgrade to the latest Ilec design. First he replaces the old TE probe mount and tubing.
Below - old, aging tubing is removed.
The vertical end rib is cleaned up in preparation for the rivnuts to hold the new TE probe mount.
Above - Dave installed 6-32 rivnuts and screwed the TE probe mounts into place on the end rib.
Above - the stock Ilec TE probe mount must be modified to fit under the plastic vertical stab cap.
Dave cut the old tube fitting off and will replace it with the 90° angle tube fitting shown above.
Drilling the hole to allow the angle fitting to fit in the mount tube.
Above - the hole is drilled and the angle fitting is modified to allow plenty of free flow as shown below.
Above - the angle fitting is epoxied in place and below - the TE probe mount is secured into the the tie-wrap mounts on top of the end rib.
Nice installation - the tube is wrapped with tape to give the tie-wraps a non-slick surface to adhere to.
Dave decides to re-wire the panel for some reason - I think he's nuts, but he doesn't want empty, un-used holes in his panel, so here he goes again. The existing panel is less than two years old.
Below - he uses the "old" panel as a template and cuts two new blanks - I guess he plans to change panels once each year as he continues to upgrade. He's getting good at this!
Nicely trimmed and contoured - below he ready for some hole-sawing.
Below - the removed instruments awaiting their new home and some new wiring from Cumulus Soaring.
Ready for reassembly, Dave starts wiring.
Above - the back of the 2005 panel, all wiring re-sorted and looking very tidy.
Above and below - well arranged power wiring.
Below - ship side wiring and tubing connections - very simple.
Above - new TE tubing run through the fuselage and up into the vertical stabilizer. Below - new tubing goes through a moisture trap - procured from Cumulus Soaring.
Below - new speaker assembly from Cumulus Soaring.
Above and below - new tubing for the pitot/static system is installed.
Below - close-up of the speaker installation.
Above and below - Dave fabricated some very nice mounts for the new EDS oxygen system. This bottle will mount onto the wheel well housing aft of the seat and main wing spar.
Below - the new bottle mounted aft of the cockpit.
Below - ap proper antenna wire installation, note the cleaned bare aluminum for a good ground plane.
Above and below - new carbon fiber battery box fashioned from a Filser example.
Above - new carbon fiber stick well cover and below - the carbon-fiber seat back. Very spiffy.
New stick boot, spoiler and release knobs newly painted.
Above - ne TE probe mount, below, new carbon fiber tip cap.
Below - Dave decides to repaint the stripe.
I like that color blue much better than the light blue it used to be.
Below - you can Dave's pee tube installation in this photo, new stick boot and C-F console.
These photos show a nice day in CT and Dave is polishing 525 in anticipation of the soaring season starting.
The tips get a new blue to match the fuselage. Very spiffy.