Bulkhead Replacement
Friday May 23, 2008
I decide to replace the aft bulkhead on the Monk. The bulkhead is fir plywood, and has started to delaminate because the end-grain was exposed to the elements. I've taken a week off from work, so I should be able to get this done, and maybe the aft lockers as well.
Some significant demolition is required.
You can see below how the fir plywood is just falling apart. Ugly red stain used to make it look nice.
Below- I plan to re-arrange the aft seating and remove the package shelf. I'll also revise the engine and battery compartment covers to more easily access those two compartments.
Below - Renee takes photos on Saturday morning 5/24/2008 as I make some key measurements. I have to work around two monuments - the engine and battery compartments. Everything else is fair game for improvement or modification.
Below- the bulletproof Monk's bulletproof Chrysler Crown flathead six cylinder gasoline engine. It's truly a workhorse. Weighs a ton, runs steady as a rock and uses 2 gals per hour of fuel at cruise speed. Sweet.
Below - Saturday afternoon, I unload the old pieces from the truck and place them on top of $240 worth of new mahogany BS 1088 marine plywood. I use the old pieces as patterns.
Above - new pieces all cut out. Below - window cutouts routed.
Below - windows in place.
Below - a coat of thinned varnish goes on Saturday night.
Sunday morning, the engine house is re-assembled in the shop for replication in new mahogany plywood.
Above and below - new engine house structure completed, ready for coating in epoxy and varnish.
Below - Sunday night, all the bits cut out, fitted and ready for re-installation and final fitting.
Below - Monday, Memorial Day, I spend the morning making the window frames.
Above - 1x6 mahogany board used to make the sides of the frame, cut to shape, then ripped in half.
Above - hours of tedious work fitting the frame pieces, below, pieces finished and ready for final shaping, leveling and sanding.
Next, I have to take one of the cats (Bert) to the vet because he's barfing and won't eat anything. Then I'll finish making pieces and haul them all down to the sea.
Below - Monday - June 23, 2008