Sailing the "Antoinette Bax"
September 1, a nice day, breeze about 5 knots, Mt. Rainier behind the port shrouds. Nice boat.
Antoinette moored at Bill's Boat House on American Lake.
Antoinette tied up behind Gust Rider
Gust Rider is another Ranger 20 on American Lake.
Above - sailing back to Bill's Boat house, downwind with the sails wing and wing. The little boat moves right along. Easily singlehanded.
The dodger drops down out of the way while sailing. I'm still figuring out the running rigging. I need to make a short genoa forestay extension to get the tack of the genoa up a bit so the foot clears the rails. I've seen photos of other boats with the rail wires running down to the toerail, I may do that instead, haven't decided yet which way to go.