Below - Scott Jones had some very nice upholstery done to 686 - very spiffy!
  Above - new aluminum oxygen cylinder and battery installed. Below, handheld microphone installed. The radio is wired so that a handheld mic can be used - or a boom mic with PTT on the stick activating the boom mic - the same jack works either way.
  Below - new teak stick grip with mic button installed. This took some work because the grip is much larger than the original (taller) and I had to bore the I.D. an additional inch in length with a handmade drill bit to allow the grip to sit down far enough that the mic button would clear the release knob. I had to counterbore the top of the grip to set the mic button down as far as possible to help clear the release knob and epoxy the mic button in place - but first I attached the wires since this mic button will never be coming out again!
New tip wheels.
Below, polishing the wing and touching up the paint where the wing saddles rub on the leading edge.
  • Above - doing some TLC 9/19/2005, below some shots of the cockpit.
Below, aft of the cockpit, the battery mount, etc.
Above - the seat back in the position that I fly it in with chute, below the seat back one notch further aft.
Below - the seat back all the way aft, plenty of room for tall guys in here. 5 point TSO'd harness
  Below - the panel as currently configured with ATR-57 installed, master, new 7.5 amp breaker and mic and phone jacks installed.
Below, the quick disconnect power plugs and pitot/static plugs are visible. Easy to get access behind the panel.
Above - Charles Shaw assists in installing the new panel in Hobbs, 038's wings on the trailer in the background.
Below - 038 riding behind the camper as seen on TV. (Backup camera monitor view from the cab of the redtruck.) That's NM prairie in the background.
Below - Wurtsboro, NY takeoff line - June 2001.
Above, the Connecticut overhaul facility, cockpit freshly painted, parts going back in. Below - 686 tied down at Wurtsboro, NY.
Below, Jo Shaw preparing for a flight in 686 in Hobbs, NM.
Below - The Shaw hangar in Hobbs.