Data concerning the Nimbus 3

On this page i have collected a number of documents that pertain to the Nimbus 3, including the original test data created by Dick Johnson during his flight tests of N49JD (formerly contest number JD and JO and now H4). I have also included an Excel spreadsheet with the weight and balance calculations for N49JD, feel free to use it for your own glider.

Final Glide Table

Original Final Glide Table

Wet / Dry Comparison

Gross Weight Polar

No Ballast Polar

Gross Weight Speed Ring

No Ballast Speed Ring

Circling Performance

Dick Johnson, Bob Gibbons and Jim Norris discuss aileron maintenance


History of H4 (N49JD)

N49JD was purchased new and imported into the United States by Dick Johnson who resides in the Dallas, Texas area. He flew the glider for a number of years before selling it to Joann Shaw of Hobbs, NM. Joann flew the Nimbus until 2001 when I bought it and flew it first at Nutmeg Soaring in Sherman, CT, then moving to Wurtsboro before finally relocating to Seattle. I normally fly H4 (as it is now known) out of Ephrata, WA.

I will document a more thorough history of the achievements of this glider in the capable hands of Dick, Jo and recently, Garret Willat, but alas, I've not done much worth bragging about with it... yet.